Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today's word, according to the March Photo Challenge, is "up".

It's pretty much the perfect word for today.

February was a weird month: hot and cold and up and down and long and short and really just strange. The weather over the last few days, in fact, was record-setting cold. But this month began calm and clear and sunny, we broke 60 degrees for the first time in weeks, and I got a letter from my love. The temperatures are up, my spirits are up, and I have high hopes for March. I think I'm really just looking forward to April: a vacation, a visit from a beloved old friend or two, and the halfway point of this deployment? I'm definitely ready for all of that!

I took this picture in my front yard, looking straight up at the brilliant blue sky under one of my gorgeous palms. I think they're King Palms...they are gorgeous. Seeing them out my window while I listen to the parrots squawk and the waves pound against Sunset Cliffs makes me so ridiculously happy. I feel like I'm on vacation all year round.

I feel a lot more certain about the way things are going. I feel like I finally have good solid goals and a way to reach those goals. It makes me happy. It's amazing how wonderful life is when you have someone believing in you, y'know?

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