Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Day 1."Your view today".

I spend a lot of my time in the car, so I thought it reasonable to make this shot a windshield shot. It's kind of fascinating, crisscrossing San Diego county every day. It also gets frustrating: people do the most ridiculous things. Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with my non-office job.

Honestly, I also kinda wanted to show off our gorgeous January was 75 degrees and brilliantly sunny today. Hey, they call it America's Finest City for a reason!

Today was an interesting day.

Here, a little background first: I love my job, but I'm grossly underpaid. It's especially demoralizing because my boss told me a full year ago that I was hired low and was definitely underpaid, and we settled on a specific dollar amount for a raise. I was, obviously, pretty pleased. Well. A few weeks shy of a year later, and the raise still hasn't taken effect. So basically, I'm aware every single day that I'm working for less than my worth.

So last night I was looking online for a job for a girlfriend, and stumbled across a company looking for promotional models. I've done that before: it's easy fun work, and generally a nights-and-weekends gig. So I fired over a resume and a photograph. First thing this morning, I get a phone call. It was the company, asking for an interview. "Sure," I said, "when?" "How about this afternoon?" Uh, sure. Why not? So I cruise on over, chat with the marketing manager, and was hired on the spot and given my first assignment. Hilarious. Then, the kicker: "You know," the guy said, "I think you'd probably be an excellent fit for our sales department." Next thing I know, I'm interviewing with the sales manager, who also offered me a job on the spot. And yes, I researched the company pretty thoroughly and know it's not a scam. I'm just hoping it winds up being as good as I think it could be. Either way, it's a little extra pocket change for a month or so, right? We'll see.

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